eLearning Course Design
and Development

We design custom digital learning experiences for a lot of schools, colleges and training companies. To us, learning is never a one-size-fits-all approach, and therefore, any learning solution we produce is tailored to each organization’s goals and needs.

Our clients often know what their learners need to know, but they may not know the best way to get there. We work with the companies to design the best training leveraging available resources and unique strengths in order to create impactful learning experiences.


Here are some important components and best practices we use to ensure the quality of the eLearning products we develop:

Content Writing

When writing the course content, we ensure that the information is succinct, logical, and clearly presented through the effective use of color, graphics, borders, and white space. We also verify that all screen elements adhere to your organization’s guidelines for digital media.


We facilitate learning by applying interactive strategies that engage learners and stimulate the recall of prior knowledge. Different levels of interactivity may be used to better suit the content and audience needs. Interactivity provides opportunities throughout the eLearning course that allow learners to explore the content, apply new knowledge, and check their understanding of the material.

User Interface

We ensure that the course interface is learner-friendly and contains navigational elements that help learners understand where they are within the course and how they can advance through the content.

Learning Assessments

Our learning products include assessments that can be completed throughout the course to determine the product’s impact on intended learning outcomes. Through proper assessments, the learners can get feedback and identify their knowledge strengths and weaknesses.

Questions About eLearning Development Cost?

If you are looking to find out how much your eLearning project would cost, we will gladly discuss your goals with you and will provide a competitive price quote.
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